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What should I visit in Kansas City if I only have one day?

If you find yourself with a single day in Kansas City, Missouri, you'll want to take advantage of its vibrant downtown. Start with the City Market, a bustling public market with a variety of vendors and restaurants. Then, make your way to the Power & Light District for shopping, dining, and entertainment. Afterward, explore the vibrant Crossroads Arts District, home to galleries, shops, and restaurants. Take a walk along the Country Club Plaza, a beautiful outdoor shopping mall, then take a tour of the historic Union Station. Finally, finish the day with a stroll through the vibrant Westport neighborhood.

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Who has a Super Bowl ring and a World Series ring?

This article discusses the two major professional sports championships in the United States, the Super Bowl and the World Series, and the select few who have won both. Only five players in history have won a Super Bowl ring and a World Series ring: Deion Sanders, Jeff Hostetler, Adam Vinatieri, David Tyree, and Julian Edelman. Sanders has the most rings, with two Super Bowl rings and one World Series ring, while Hostetler, Vinatieri, Tyree, and Edelman have one each. This select group of athletes is a testament to their hard work and dedication to both sports.

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Who was the most intelligent of the Doctor's companions?

The article examines the intelligence of the Doctor's companions from the British science fiction television series Doctor Who. It argues that the most intelligent of the companions is River Song, who is a Doctor-like figure in her own way. She is highly knowledgeable in a variety of subjects, from science to history, and has a knack for solving puzzles and problems. Other intelligent companions include Romana, who is a Time Lord like the Doctor, and Donna Noble, who is a quick learner and is able to think on her feet. Finally, the Doctor himself is the most intelligent of all his companions. He is a genius with a vast knowledge of the universe and is able to think his way out of any situation.

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